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How janoFair arbitration works

By participating in the janoFair conciliation service of janolaw, you are giving your customers the opportunity to turn to us in the event of a dispute. The customer must have attempted to reach a mutually acceptable resolution with the retailer before initiating the janoFair process. If the customer submits a completed application, participating in the conciliation process will save you the time and expense of litigation.

  1. In the first step of the process, we gather information about the conciliation case from the customer, who fills out an online form. Then we forward the information to you.
  2. If it becomes apparent that the request for conciliation does not abide by our regulations, we will notify the buyer of this by email and inform him or her that the request cannot be fulfilled. We will also notify you of these circumstances by sending you an email. You may review the case by accessing it in your My janoFair account.
  3. If the information provided fulfills our criteria, you will receive an email requesting that you respond to the case and, where applicable, provide any required background information by uploading it to your My janoFair account.
  4. The parties will then receive an arbitration proposal via email. The proposal is drawn up on the basis of the claims of the parties and applicable law. If the parties do not accept the proposal within a reasonable amount of time, the parties will receive an email notifying them that the conciliation process has failed.


My janoFair

Your My janoFair account provides you with an overview of completed and pending cases. You may edit these at any time or send us any necessary information.


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