Boost customer confidence with janoFair


By participating in our janoFair process, you will build trust and provide your customers with greater security when they shop in your online store. The Consumer Dispute Resolution Act [Verbraucherstreitbeilegungsgesetz (VSBG)] has made out-of-court conciliation proceedings even more important, also if you sell to entrepreneur in your online store. Our janoFair conciliation service offers you an alternative to the state-recognized, private consumer conciliation boards. janoFair conciliation provides an option for resolving conflicts out of court, without follow-up costs or the unpredictability and risks of litigation. We guarantee you and your customers an efficient, neutral, and impartial conciliation process, even without state recognition.

In order to participate as a retailer in the conciliation procedure and use the janoFair logo, you must either book the service through our partners or purchase a GTC hosting service directly through janolaw.

Participation Requirements
By participating in the janoFair conciliation service of janolaw, you are providing your customers with a neutral and competent contact person in the event of a dispute.

How It Works