Problems while shopping online?

How janoFair conciliation works

If you, as a customer, have a dispute with an Internet retailer who participates in the janoFair conciliation service of janolaw AG, you can file an application for conciliation online free of charge, provided that the dispute concerns an online purchase contract for the delivery of goods. Out-of-court conciliation prevents you from having to go before a court and saves you the time and expenses associated with doing so. 


A request for conciliation can be submitted only if the online retailer participates in the janoFair conciliation service of janolaw AG. Use our Retailer Search to find out whether the other party participates in janoFair conciliation.

The janoFair conciliation process is not carried out for any disputes that involve the clarification of a fundamental question of law or disputes for which hearing witness testimony is required. janoFair expressly reserves the right to refuse to conduct conciliation proceedings if doing so would have a negative impact on the effective operation of janoFair conciliation.

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Submit a request for arbitration in just a few steps

First, we need the online retailer information for the retailer from whom you bought the goods. To complete the submission process more easily, you can transfer the online store details automatically by selecting the store from the list of participating retailers. Alternatively, you can use the janoFair logo on the retailer website to access our site. 

Then, enter your personal details as a Customer/Applicant into the online form provided. Entering your personal contact information ensures that the arbitration process can be carried out quickly.

In addition to your personal information, you must provide details on the purchase agreement and purchase item (invoice number, customer number, purchase price, date of purchase) and provide a brief statement explaining your reasons for requesting arbitration. You can save any relevant documents by uploading them.

And you’re done!

You have now opened an arbitration case, which you can review at any time by accessing your My janoFair account. If necessary, you can provide additional information or make changes.

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What happens after the request for conciliation is submitted?

First, we automatically forward your application and the documents provided to the retailer by email.

If it becomes apparent that the request for conciliation does not conform to our regulations, we will notify you and the retailer of this by email and inform both parties that the request cannot be fulfilled. Please provide all necessary details and information. Without your cooperation, the conciliation procedure will not be carried out.

After the retailer receives the relevant purchase information and your full complaint by email, we ask that he or she explain his or her position on the case and comment on the details that you have provided within a reasonable amount of time (generally 5 business days).

You and the online retailer will then receive an conciliation proposal that is drawn up on the basis of the claims made by the parties and applicable law. If the parties do not accept this proposal within a reasonable amount of time, they will receive an email notification that the conciliation process has failed. This does not infringe on your right to bring the dispute before an ordinary court.

If the parties accept the conciliation proposal, they will be informed of this by email. A message will be sent to the email addresses of both parties informing them that both sides have accepted the conciliation proposal. The conciliation case is then closed and marked complete in your My janoFair account.