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Even if retailers sell to entrepreneurs online they can use janoFair, thus offering more security to their customers.  Disputes arising in connection with such online transactions can be settled via cost free and impartial process out of court and on a voluntary basis.

janoFair is not a recognized consumer conciliation board within the meaning of the Consumer Dispute Settlement Act [Verbraucherstreitbeilegungsgesetz (VSBG)]. Nevertheless, the appointed lawyers are neutral conciliators who adhere to the principle legal requirements and guarantee that the conciliation services provided to the parties (retailers and customers) meet high standards.

Retailers may use the janoFair logo on their shop websites only if they have agreed to abide by janoFair standards and applicable law and only if they have committed to participating in the dispute resolution process. The retailer must provide a company contact person for the conciliation and indicate a response time.

If the retailers do not meet these standards, or if they are uncooperative in the course of the conciliation process, their logo may be removed. The validity and authenticity of the janoFair logo can be checked by clicking on it. The page that opens should have a URL beginning with www.janofair.de. This page contains information about the store and the validity of the janoFair logo.

The logo is integrated onto the website of your store via a script that must be saved in the HTML code of the site. You can find the script of the logo in various sizes if you log in to your My janoFair account. After logging in you have access to the details of your shop. The information  you need is available under janoFair Logo.

Retailers interested in the janoFair online conciliation procedure receive the janoFair logo along with the General Terms and Conditions for Services for their online store on janolaw.de. 

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