janoFair Logo - Requirements for use

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Abusive Use of the janofair Logo

The janoFair logo may be used by a shop only if has purchased the janolaw GTC Hosting Service. The logo may only be placed on the shop website if and when

  • the contact details of the shop have been completely filled out,
  • the customer group (B2B or B2C) of the shop has been indicated, and
  • a contact person (including contact details) has been appointed for the janoFair procedure.

If these requirements are not fulfilled the shop is not entitled to use the janoFair logo.

As a customer of an online shop, you can easily find out whether the customer is using the janoFair logo legally or illegally. The shop is entitled to use the janoFair logo if and when

  • You can access the individual page of the shop by clicking on the janoFair logo, or
  • You can find the shop in our janoFair search field 

NOTE: janoFair does not certify shops, before the janoFair logo is hand over to use. janoFair enables an online arbitration procedure.

On the individual page of the shop you will find in addition to the contact details the information about the validity of the janoFair logo. The URL address of the page provided by janoFair always starts with:


We will take all legal means to prohibit the abusive use of the janoFair logo. However, we are not able to remove the janoFair logo in case of an abusive usage from the shop page. The enforcement of our legal claim may take time and is made often difficult by locating the website abroad.